The World’s Oldest and Deepest Lake is Perfect For a Breathtaking Adventure

The beauty of earth never ceases to amaze us. Lake Baikal in Russia is no exception. This breathtaking water body is 600 km long.

It is considered as the world’s deepest lake, going down 1642 meters. It is one of the oldest too.

This lake has already fascinated us with its mind blowing facts. But wait until we tell you more.

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The lake that remains frozen until the month of May hosts a variety of tourist who walk, cycle, skate and even sleep in tents on it. This lake is also known to hold up vehicles upto 15 tonnes in weight. So yes one can drive on it too.

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The beauty of it is so enchanting that one can sometimes see reflections of the ice too making it a great photo op place.

The ice here is always cracking. When the frost is very heavy, cracks divide ice on different areas. The length of these cracks is 10-30 km, and the width is 2-3 m. Cracks happen every year, approximately at the same areas of the lake.

It is also known that during April no one drives on it. The only river in the world that flows from the lake is Angara that flows from Baikal. All other rivers flow into the lakes.

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