A wild chimp hugging her rescuer will bring tears to your eyes


The chimps name is Wounda and the name says it all. In the Congo it means ‘close to dying’ – and that is exactly how she was found when she was taken in by the Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo.

Suffering from a number of illnesses and losing weight fast, it was a race against time to help save her life. The caregivers at the center saw that she was recovering and making good progress.

It has taken years of care and dedication to nurse her back to health, until finally she was strong enough to be released into the outdoors once again.

The rescue work that Jane and her Institute have been doing is so incredible. Jane is hoping  that she can release many more chimps like Wounda back into the wild.

Eventually, the day came when it was time for her to live her life free from human interference.

This amazing moment when the chimpanzee Wounda hugs Jane Goodall will bring tears to your eyes!

Wounded: Wounda was living up to her name when she was found a couple of years ago. She was desperately ill and close to dying                                                                          
Step by step: Wounda was nursed back to health by a team of caregivers at the Jane Goodall Institute in the Congo                                                                                            
The journey begins: Wounda is placed into a box and loaded on the back of a pick-up truck for her journey to the sanctuary. You can see Wounda’s fingers coming through the slits                               
King of the jungle: Wounda sits on top of the box she was transported in and takes a look around   
One hug says it all: Wounda embraces Dr Goodall in a heartfelt moment of thanks and love                
Special bond: The love felt by Wounda towards Dr. Goodall is clear to see as she is released into the wild                                           
Can we have a moment? The image is both touching and tender as the two hug for a final time                                                                                                                                                                          Watch the Video: