Watch the most fascinating Dance with Dolphins

The synchronized dance movements between the Dolphin and the girl demonstrate the strong bond between them. They could possibly give the Olympic synchronized swimmers a run for their money. Scroll down to watch the video.
Man’s relationship with dolphins dates back far into ancient times as there are plenty of markings and old artwork that depict these animals. Some civilizations believed the relationship to be a spiritual connection between the gods and humans.
Man’s relationship with Dolphins today goes far beyond observation and occasional contact. It involves close interactions, associations and even scientific studies that try to unravel the secrets of an animal that has been considered one of the most intelligent in the world.
Formerly, relationships with dolphins were in their natural habitat, but now, with technological advances, humans have the power to keep them captive in environments similar to their habitats. However, advanced research always tries to observe animals in the wild as their behavior changes when they are in captivity.

The relationships between dolphins and humans can be fascinating, and they can occur both in the wild and in captivity. There are also amazing stories of dolphins coming to the rescue of divers or boaters that have experienced troubles.
In captivity, the continuous interaction between dolphins and humans for training or research or the contact for physical and emotional therapy create strong bonds with the dolphins.
Some people claim that dolphins have rescued divers or swimmers who are in trouble by helping them to reach the surface, just as they do with their injured mates. On the Internet, there is a recent video where you can see how a dolphin, trapped in a net, seems to “ask” for help to a Scuba diver to get free.
I personally find keeping Dolphins in captivity in Sea Parks as cruel as keeping animals trapped in a zoo. It is best to watch Dolphins in all their glory in their natural habitats.