This Trick Will Make Your Nail Paint Last Longer

Most of get really annoyed when we take all the effort to sit and paint our nails but it gets chipped off within 3-4 days.
We usually think that this happens due to quality of nail polish being poor or us not waiting enough to let it dry.
But what you are missing us one essential step which is applying a nail polish remover first.


But you might think your nails have been polish free so there is no need to grease more mail polish remover, but it is.

Going over your nails with nail polish remover before you apply your first coat of polish helps it stick by removing all the natural oils from your nail beds.

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So if you want your manicure to last you a little longer try this trick of applying nail polish remover first and then applying your base coat.

Have a long lasting nail paint without complaint of it chipping off.

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