This London Based Designer Makes Furniture In The Most Unique Way

Recently the need to recycle plastic bottles has grown. From the man who built a house with plastic bottles to now building an entire village, people around the world are showing us how we can reuse plastic bottles in the best way possible.
Micaella Pedros, a London based social and humanitarian designer has found a great way to reuse plastic bottles with her project “Joining Bottles”.

According to Joining Bottles “Joining Bottles is an experimental wood-joining technique using shrunk plastic bottles. By heat, a simple plastic bottle is transformed into a wood bonding material offering a meaningful and accessible way to build functional structures. ”

This is a great concept for those who are living in an area where there is an abundance of wood and plastic waste. The people out there can also empower themselves through this project.
1. “This unique lamp is stabilized by a found stone joined with a plastic bottle.”

2. This technique seems useful even assembling a stool

3. And when you have a stool with a shorter leg, fear not this technique will come handy

Watch the entire process of “Joining Bottles”

Feature Image: Micaella Pedros