This Lady Makes the Most Heart Warming Gifts For Little Cancer Fighters

Anyone who has survived through cancer or has a near and dear one suffering from this dreadful disease will understand the pain of going through a chemotherapy.

Thus when 31-year-old Holly Christensen heard of a family friend’s daughter Lily, being diagonalised with cancer she immediately wanted to help and started thinking of ways to help the little child.

Holly, is a mother of three and a former oncology nurse. She understands the pain of hair loss due to cheometherapy. Thus she made a beautiful wig that gains it’s inspiration from the Disney princess for little Lily.

Lily was immediately delighted and this then inspired Holly to not stop there but to continue making wigs for the little girl. She then decided to yarn more such magical creations for other kids who are sick.

This way the Magic Yarn project was born. It’s mission is to bring a little magic to the lives of these little cancer survivors by making beanies that then transform into long, beautiful princess and pirate hair.

The project is run entirely by donations and volunteers and all of the wigs are freely shipped to the recipients fighting cancer. They hope through this can bring a little magic to the lives of these little kids during their difficult time.

Holly and her group of volunteer have also given workshops to different communities who are interested in these wigs. This way they have been warming hearts world over with their incredible mission.

Image Source: Facebook