Is God a woman?

This is the story of a curious little boy and his small spiritual journey to meet God.
The cute little kid is in the kitchen grabbing a double-packed Twinkie out of the drawer and two juices from his fridge. He packs everything in his bag as his mom comes around the corner.
She asks “Now where are you off to?” Her son tells her with excitement in his voice: “I’m going to find God.”
Mom gives him the ‘okay’ and reminds him not to be late for dinner. He rushes out to catch the subway, and after a train ride across town, he ends up at a park.
He sits on a bench near a homeless woman who is seemingly not in the best mood. The little guy pulls out one of his Twinkies and gets ready to bite into it, but then he realizes, maybe he should share.                                                                                                                                                    
She gratefully accepts it and smiles at him and says ‘thank you.’ Her smile is so pretty that the boy wants to see it again, so he offers her a fruit drink. Once again she smiles at him. The boy is delighted!
They soon enjoy each other’s company with a few giggles and small conversation.                                                                  
Before he leaves, he gives the woman a big hug which makes her smile from ear-to-ear. It looks like the two have become best buddies.
Once the little boy arrives home he tells his mom he in fact met God, and he’s a woman with “the most beautiful smile.”
The woman meets with a friend and shares a similar story: that she had the chance to eat Twinkies in the park with God, but he was “much younger than I expected.”
After viewing the video, it makes you think that surely love and compassion for others can be discovered through an act of kindness, but through that act, God shines through.
One Facebook user made a good observation about the message: “One good thing about this video is the innocence of a child. He didn’t judge the homeless person by her outward looks or her position in life. He saw someone special. He’s an angel.”
Once we put our differences aside, we will be much more open to building healthier relationships with people around us. Those healthier relationships will eventually bring out the best in us—more happiness, optimism, and charity.
We all have the ability to spread love and kindness, so if this story has inspired you, make sure to share its message with others around you!

Courtesy: Meir Kay, the creator of the commercial