India’s First Underwater Wedding Will Leave You Awestruck

Weddings are nothing short of a fairy tale. But this wedding is more dreamy than you can ever imagine.

India’s first underwater wedding has caught the internet by storm. This lovely wedding ceremony of a 23 year old Slovakian girl named, Eunika and her Maharashtrian boyfriend Nikhil Pawar will leave you awe-struck.


The entire ceremony took place at the Arabian Sea in Kerala’s Grove beach. Organized by the Bond Ocean Safari, the company Nikhil works for, this 90-minute ceremony was attended by family, close friends, and of course many beautiful marine creatures.

The couple underwent training for two days before their big day, and to top it all up the priest was none other than their friend. The ceremony was conducted with ply cards and rings were exchanged too underwater.

With no further delay, we present this most dreamy wedding video, so sit back and enjoy!


Feature Image: Screenshot/YouTube