Heroic Dog Does His Best to Save a Friend

“If you don’t believe other animals have souls, then you haven’t looked enough into their eyes.”

This saying holds true to the most greatest degree.
Even in their little and small ways dogs are known to be compassionate creatures. These courageous souls know how to light up the world with their little acts of kindness.
This video from Dublin, Ireland shows how in times of danger this dog does all it’s best to save and protect his friend who has being hit by an “accident”, while many cars just pass by.

His friend first comes close to him trying to wake him up while trying to keep a close eye on the traffic.

The dog tried hard to carry his friend to the pavement but fails.

Some of the most human qualities of being compassionate and devoted are shown in this piece of a dog trying to save his friend. This suggest they have a high sense of morality.

Animals have a soul that is so conscious and in the most part caring.

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