Havasu Falls: A Gorgeous Oasis In The Grand Canyon


Many visitors to the Grand Canyon do not know about the Havasu Falls, a picturesque desert oasis that is not in the Grand Canyon National Park, but rather on the Havasupai Reservation. The blue-green waterfalls of Havasu Canyon are among nature’s greatest wonders and rival any tropical paradise on earth.

The water from the Havasu Creek that spills over these magnificent falls eventually makes its way to the Colorado River and a trip to these falls is sure to challenge your spirit of hiking. Havasu Falls is the indigenous home of the Havasupai Tribe, who have lived here for over 800 years.

Be it families, hikers or students, the Havasu Falls offers a variety of year-round adventure for all types of people. However, real hikers would prefer the challenging 10-mile Havasupai Trail from Hualapai Hilltop by weathering the harsh desert sun and rough terrain. You require plenty of preparation, water and the right supplies before embarking on this trip.

The trail begins with one mile of switchbacks, where you will descend 2000 feet into the canyon. You will continue on the trail for another 7 miles before reaching Supai. Eventually, you reach the end of Hualapai Canyon at its junction with Havasu Canyon. Here the nature of the canyon changes as a beautiful, blue river emerges from the ground at Havasu Springs.

Once you reach the river, you have only 1.5 miles until you reach the Supai village. From the village, the Havasu Falls is another 1.5 miles. In the end one would agree that the stunning waterfall plunging from 100 feet into a beautiful turquoise pool is well worth the trek.

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