First Grader’s Kindness Will Melt Your Heart!


This story of friendship between two first graders is amazing.

Fighting cancer is a very hard period in life. Friends and family always try to help their beloved ones in such situations, but even adults are often finding themselves at a loss. It’s hard to know what to say or do, even though they have a strong desire to help. Anyway, love always helps to find the answers and act in the right way.

First graders Vincent and Zac are best friends. When Zac was diagnosed with leukemia, he rarely missed a day of school because he always wanted to play with Vincent. In return, Vincent does something incredible to make sure his friend felt loved.                                       

Vincent and Zack didn’t find it hard to save their friendship during a rough period in Zack’s life. After he had been diagnosed with cancer, the boys became even closer. Vincent continued giving a good laugh to Zack, helping him to forget about the disease. Watch the video – it will definitely warm your heart.

Can’t we grown ups learn from these little kids who have demonstrated kindness, compassion and friendship.

There is a kind of evil on this planet which goes on in China but most Chinese people are not aware of it.  The  Chinese communist government makes sure that the pain and torture they are inflicting on their innocent citizens is not revealed to the people. The same kind of thing happened in Nazi Germany during the second world war when millions of Jews were tortured and killed. What we are talking about today is the torture and killing of innocent men and women who are followers of  a spiritual exercise and meditation practice called Falun Gong. Since the principles of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance does not go well with the government’s ideologies, people are forced to give up their faith and if they don’t, they are killed. And hold on,the shocking thing is their organs are extracted and put up in the black market for sale. Whereas, in the rest of the world you have to wait for an organ transplant, in China you can get it in less than a week. Can you imagine one human being inflicting so much pain on a fellow human being?