More Expensive Than Your Cars: Luxurious Ultra-Modern Watches


Watches have no doubt come a long way from their origins as gentlemen’s timepieces to an essential fashion accessory. Watches have been a status symbol ever since they were invented, and even today in many parts of the world, your watch says a lot about who you are.

A good looking watch doing its primary function of telling the time is just isn’t enough for the people of today. Folks crave for watches that will wow them with its brilliant technology, appealing designs and engineering excellence.

The below video features some unbelievable timepieces that you probably haven’t even heard of. Each watch is a revolutionary timepiece, striking in terms of visuals and technology, designed to take modern watchmaking to a whole new level.

From miniature moving bird sculptures to hydro mechanical watches and music boxes to solar systems on your wrist, check out these 12 insane pieces you won’t believe exist!