A Collection of the Most Weird And Wacky Buildings in the World


What happens when architects around the world decide to get creative or let their imaginations run wild? Yes, you can expect some of the most extraordinary, unusual and insane works in the art of building.

If you live in a neighborhood where just about every house looks the same, then get ready to freak out when you see buildings that are crazy, colorful, upside-down or even floating in the images below.

Casa dels Ossos, Barcelona

The House of Bones is a renowned building located in the center of Barcelona and is one of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpieces.

Dutch Cube Houses, Rotterdam

An iconic building designed in 1984 by Dutch architect Piet Blom.

The Crazy House, Vietnam

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An unconventional hotel in Vietnam that looks like a fairy tale castle.

Crooked House, Poland

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A shopping center in Sopot, Poland that curves and slants for real!

Stone House, Portugal

Located in Portugal’s Fafe Mountains, the home is nestled between four granite boulders and overlooks a picturesque valley.

Kansas City Public Library, USA

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An intriguing piece of architecture where the facade is covered with book spines of classic novels.

Longaberger Headquarters, Ohio

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A 7-storey tall building that is shaped like a giant picnic basket.

Floating House, Ukraine

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This building is a part of a potato sorting station. It looks like its misplaced or partly dismantled.

Upside-Down House, Germany

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Created by Polish architects Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastian Mikiciuk, the house provides visitors with a different view of every day items.

Nautilus House, Mexico

A unique shell-shaped house designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain.

Palais Bulles, Cannes

A bizarre, sensual bubble palace in the south of France.

Weisman Art Museum, Minnesota

Often called a “modern art museum,” the building was designed by architect Frank Gehry.