Artist Creates Unbelievable Snow Art With Only His Shoes


We can all agree that there’s nothing more beautiful than the sight of freshly fallen snow. While most of us would prefer to admire the snow from the warmth of our cabins, a few gutsy ones dare to do something different.

British artist Simon Beck is most well-known for making incredibly delicate and detailed art in the snow. He has the ability to create mind-boggling masterpieces and ornate snow murals with just his snowshoes.

Simon has been decorating the Alps for the past decade with his stunning art. The drawings are made using only a compass, and by counting paces.

Driven by his passion and undaunted by the powers of nature, Simon trudges in the snow to create massive drawings. Any pristine surface that stretches for hundreds of meters turns into a suitable canvas for his designs.

The book titled ‘Simon Beck: Snow Art’ gives you an insight into his works. Check out his amazing art in the video below.