Artist Creates Stunning Sculptures From Recycled Tires


Blake McFarland is not just a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. The man is an incredible recycled materials artist in his down time. He started his artistic career by painting, but that wasn’t fulfilling enough and he switched to making sculptures from tires.

Blake ensures that he uses 100% recycled rubber tires for his art as he loves being Eco-friendly. He creates amazing life-like sculptures of tire animals with each sculpture taking up to a month to complete.

Each sculpture requires anywhere between 100-400 tires and Blake uses the tires patterns and treads to creates amazing muscle-like definitions of his subjects.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has also worked with artist Blake McFarland to handcraft the Wisconsin’s Bucky Badger and the Western Michigan Bronco Tire Mascots.

Get ready to feast your eyes on some his most astounding works below.

Sculptures Out of Recycled Tires

Vases Sculpted Out of Tires

Wow! This is Pretty Cool

Sharks Made From Tires


Panda Cub

A Few More Masterpieces

[Image Source: @instagram]