7 Quirky Package Designs You Didn’t Know Existed

The saying “First Impression is the last impression” holds true in any case. For that matter to even product designs. Most of us make make our decision to buy a certain product based on its packaging, myself included. Packaging speaks a lot about a certain product and advertisers are using this medium in order to lure more customers in to buying their products.

Thus the need for the packaging industry has only grown since the recent past. Designers have started creating some really quirky looking packaging that is sure to blow your mind.

We compiled seven of the most “out of the box” package designs that is sure to impress you.

    1. NYC Spaghetti

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This product design speaks for its namesake. Not only did they have New York’s most iconic architecture as a part of their design but the way they have stacked the spaghetti couldn’t scream New York more.

2. Hanger Tea

Who wouldn’t mind sipping on this ‘Tea-Shirt’. The work of designer Soon Mo Kang, this fun tea concept is not only a creativity put to its best but is also really cute.

3. Fruits Toilet Paper 

Designed by Kazuaki Kawahara. The toilet paper that comes in four different fruit designs namely- kiwi, strawberry, watermelon and orange, won a 2015 pentaward for its creativity. Who would have thought of making a toilet paper look so cute.

4. BEELoved Honey

This is one of the most creative product designs we have ever come across. Not only is diamond shaped jar very attractive but to top it up the designers Njegos Lakic Tajsic and Tamara Mihajlovic, have added an actual piece of honeycomb shaped like a pyramid that is placed in the middle of the jar.

5. Trident Gum 

Most of us are familiar or would have come across this packaging. This design concept is clean, fun, and slightly retro too.

6. Spark Laundry Detergent 

This fun design really was thought outside the box and into the washing machine. The impressive looking package is ac creative spark.

7. Thelma’s Treats

This company bakes home made cookies that come in an cool carton box that resembles an old fashion oven. And while you slide to open the front panel it resembles opening an oven box. Quite cool? Right.

Images: Instagram and Pinterest