How a 6 year old genius impresses the pilot about flying a plane

6 year-old Adam Mohammed Amer caught a flight attendant’s attention by the way he spoke about the aircraft’s flaps, safety measures and emergency exit operations. The flight attendant insisted on taking the child to the cockpit to meet the pilots after passengers disembarked. 

Captain Samer Yakhlef was bowled over by the little boy’s detailed account of the aircraft operating systems and actions pilots take during emergencies.

“Some planes have a Ram air turbine. It gets emergency systems back on if the engines fail. The Ram [air] turbine can help to bring back the systems,” Adam Mohammed Amer, explained to the Captain on a video that quickly went viral over social media, gathering over one million views.

“But due to the no-engine power, the landing gear doors will not come up. After that you have to do something else to lower the flaps. You have to drop the gear by gravity alone,” Adam is heard telling the Captain.

“And if you have no hydraulics and your plane is taking right, you reduce engine 1 and increase engine 2 then the plane will go level again,” said Adam about a system that Yakhlef referred to as “asymmetrical power.”

Speaking to Khaleej Times, the boy’s father Mohammed Amer said they caught Adam’s passion for flying ever since he was one year old.

Always intrigued, the boy watches documentaries, reads aviation magazines and conducts his own research online until he has memorized the various types of aircrafts, along with their different sizes and parts.

The six-year-old told the impressed captain that it was his dream to become a pilot, saying: ‘I’m going to be a captain, just like you. to which the captain replied, “I cannot wait to fly with you.”